People Soft Server Administration – Course Contents

People Soft Server Administration – Course Contents

PeopleSoft Online Training from India, PeopleSoft Online Training

PeopleSoft Online Training from India, PeopleSoft Online Training

Course Duration: – 30 Sessions (Each session is 1Hr)


At the end of PeopleSoft SAtraining course, the student will be able to :

  • Understand introduction to Linux family.
  • Use built-in functions of linux & People Soft introduction 
  • Understanding ERP concepts,
  • Developing the CA
  • Define Apply Maintenance Pack (MP) and Bundles

Benefits to you:

  • 100% student satisfaction guaranteed, if NOT fee will be returned back to student
  • Hands-on practices
  • Teaching with real-time examples
  • Introduction of various tools to be used by PeopleSoft SA developers/administrators

Course Contents

                Introduction to Linux

What is Linux?

  • Introduction To Linux
  • What is Linux?

How to Install Linux

  • What Type of Installation
  • Selecting A Linux Distribution
  • Configure Your PC to Boot from the CD/DVD drive
  • Starting An Actual Installation
  • Partitioning Hard Drives In Linux
  • Installing the Linux Kernel
  • Completing The Installation Process
  • Basic Linux System Configuration

Fundamental Linux Knowledge

  • Getting Around In Linux Directories
  • Basic Directory Structure of Linux
  • In Linux, Everything is a File
  • Day to Day with Linux
  • MAN Pages & Useful Information

Working with Disks, Drives & Files

  • Linux File Systems
  • SWAP Partition
  • File Permissions – chmod
  • File Permissions – chown

Linux Commands

  • Useful Commands – For System Administration
  • Useful Commands – The ‘mkdir’ command
  • Useful Commands – The ‘rm’ command
  • Useful Commands – The ‘cp’ command
  • Useful Commands – The ‘mv’ command
  • File Backup (tar/gzip)
  • Using ‘Pipes’ in Linux

PeopleSoft Online Training from India, PeopleSoft Online Training

                     PeopleSoft DBA

Introduction to ERP

  • What is ERP
  • Functional Areas
  • Customization

PeopleSoft Introduction

  • What is PeopleSoft and Overview of PeopleSoft
  • Why PeopleSoft?
  • PeopleSoft Architecture and Versions

Download / Installing the PeopleSoft Environment

  • Knowing PeopleSoft Environment.
  • Software required to install PeopleSoft
  • Overview of Steps involved in PeopleSoft Installation

Installing PeopleSoft Database (Oracle) & Oracle basics

  • What is oracle Database?
  • Oracle Database Architecture
  • Database Concepts

PeopleSoft Environment Setup

  • Installing TUXEDO and JOLT
  • Web server Installation
  • PeopleTools/Application Installation
  • Script / Data Mover execution for Application DB creation
  • PIA installation
  • App server, Process scheduler Domain creation / Administration
  • Report node creation / Administration
  • PeopleSoft Security
  • Cobol Installation / Execution

Patches and updates – Administration

  • Tax Updates – HRMS application
  • What are Tax Updates?
  • How to download and apply tax updates

PeopleSoft refresh

  • What is PeopleSoft Database Refresh?
  • How to refresh PeopleSoft Database

Project Migration and Data Mover execution

  • Using Application designer and data mover
  • Migrating projects
  • Executing DMS scripts

Exclusive on PeopleSoft Installation and                                   PeopleSoft Upgrade training

Installing CA (Change Assistant)

  • Change Assistant and its usage
  • Configuring Change Assistant

PeopleTools Upgrade

  • Applying People Tools patch
  • People tools upgrade

Apply Maintenance Pack (MP) and Bundles

  • Introduction to Maintenance packs and bundles
  • Downloading Maintenance packs and bundles
  • Applying Maintenance packs and bundles

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