OBIEE 11g – Course Contents

OBIEE 11g – Course Contents

OBIEE 11g Online Training, OBIEE Online Training from India

OBIEE 11g Online Training, OBIEE Online Training from India

Course Duration : 20 Sessions (Each session is 1Hr)


At the end of OBIEE training course, the student will be able to :

  • Understand the introduction to history of OBIEE
  • Understand the concepts datawarehouse.
  • Understand the various techniques using OBIEE
  • Using of environments using by OBIEE like Oracle Database 11R2 etc

Benefits to you :

  • 100% student satisfaction guaranteed, if NOT fee will be returned back to student
  • Hands-on practices
  • Teaching with real-time examples
  • Introduction of various tools to be used by OBIEE developers/administrators

OBIEE course contents

Datawarehouse Concepts

  • What is a Datawarehouse
  • What is a Data mart
  • Olap(Online Analytical Processing)
  • Oltp(Online Transaction Processing)
  • Dimensional and Fact tables
  • Aggregate tables
  • Star schema Vs Snowflake schema

              History of OBIEE

Repository Basics

  • Building Physical Layer of a Repository
  • Building Business Model and Mapping layer
  • Object of BMM Layer
  • Building Business Model(Creating Logical Tables,Columns,Joins)
  • Creating Simple Measures
  • Building Presentation Layer
  • Objects of Presentation Layer
  • Properties of the Presentation Layers
  • Building Presentation Layers in repository/li>
  • Testing and validating Repository
  • Checking repository consistency
  • Checking Golbal Comsistency
  • Adding Muiltiple Sources to dimension
  • Adding multiple sources to existing logical tables sources
  • Adding second table sources
  • Adding Calculations to fact
  • Calcution Measures new calculation measures
  • Calculation measures on basis of physical and logical columns
  • Using Calculation Wizard
  • Creating Dimentional hierarchies and level based measures
  • Creating dimentional hierarchy
  • Use level based measures
  • Create rank and share measures
  • Using Aggregation
  • Importing aggregated tables into repository
  • Modeling aggregate tables

  • Repository Variables Types
  • Session Variables Types
  • Initializations block


  • Creating users and user group assigning of permissions etc
  • Cache Management
  • Purging cache
  • Making the table cacheable
  • Security at object and data levels
  • Responsibilities,positions and organizations to restrict user access
  • Application Development/Report Designing
  • Working with Enterprise Manager
  • Building analytics requests using EM
  • Assing filters to analytics requests
  • Views and charts in requests
  • Creating intelligence dashboards
  • Per configured and personalized views, dashboards prompts
  • Configuring guided navigation links
  • Giude navigation link using links
  • Conditional links and conditional section
  • Using catalog management to maintain analytics web catalog

Environment Details:

  • Oracle Database 11R2
  • OBIEE software
  • JDK version 7 or later

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