Advanced Java – Course Contents

Advanced Java – Course Contents

Advanced Java online training, Advanced Java Training from India

Advanced Java online training, Advanced Java Training from India

Course Duration : 40 Hours


At the end of Advanced Java training course, the student will be able to :

  • Understand the key features of the java technology .
  • Understand the JDBC, Servlets, JSP  and EJB 3.x concepts
  • Understand the differnce between jsp and servlets.
  • JMS and JPA

Benefits to you:

  • 100% student satisfaction guaranteed, if NOT fee will be returned back to student
  • Hands-on practices
  • Teaching with real-time examples
  • Introduction of various tools to be used by Java developers

Course Contents


  1. Introduction
  2. JDBC Architecture
  4. Types of JDBC Drivers
  5. JDBC Terminologies
  6. Making Database Connections
  7. Steps to develop a database-aware java application
  8. Connectivity Approaches
  9. Methods of making connections
    1. Connection Creation Options
    2. Making Database connections using DataSource
  10. Mapping between JDBC Types and Database Types
  11. Retrieving the data from the database
  12. Exploring the Statement
  13. Exploring the PreparedStatement
  14. sql.CallableStatement
  15. Batch Updates
  16. Exploring the ResultSet Interface
  17. Working with Scrollable and Updatable ResultSet Objects
  18. Transaction Management
  19. Meta Data
    1. Database Meta Data
    2. Resultset Meta data
  20. Reading and Writing BLOBs
  21. Reading and Writing CLOBs
  22. Working with DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP
  23. Handling Exceptions in JDBC


  1. Introduction
  2. Server Setup and Configuration
    1. Installation of Java Software Development Kit
    2. Configure Apache Tomcat
    3. Apache Tomcat Plug-In to eclipse
  3. Web Application Architecture
  4. Web container Model
  5. Web Application development System Requirements
  6. Servlet Basics
    1. Servlet Architecture
    2. Skeleton structure of a servlet
    3. Servlet life-cycle
    4. Hello World Servlet
    5. The SingleThreadModel Interface
  7. Capturing Client Requested Data
  8. Generating the server Response
    1. Building Excel spreadsheets
    2. Generating JPEG Images
  9. Performing Database operations in servlet
  10. Sharing of data among servlets of a web application
  11. Request dispatching
  12. HttpServlet basics
  13. Session Tracking
    1. Basics
    2. Shopping Cart application Development
  14. Cookies
    1. Problems with cookies
    2. Modifying Cookie values
    3. Sending and receiving cookies
  15. URL Rewriting
  16. Filters
  17. Listeners
  18. Web-Security
  19. Deploying Web applications
  20. Sample Application Development using Servlets


  1. Introduction
  2. JSP Life cycle
  3. JSP Implicit Objects
  4. Constituents of a JSP
  5. Performing database operations with JSP Advanced Java online training, Advanced Java Training from India
  6. Using a Java Bean in a JSP
  7. Sharing of Java Bean’s across JSP’s
  8. JSP Models
  9. Custom Actions
  10. Custom Tag development steps
  11. JSTL & Tag library


  1. Tomcat
  2. Weblogic





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